There have been tremendous advancements in pain management over the past years. Our equipment has improved. Our interventional techniques continue to progress. And the technology is developing rapidly.

One treatment option that has recently generated a great deal of excitement is the use of regenerative  therapies like PRP and BMAC which are cutting-edge regenerative treatments that can be used to help accelerate the healing of damaged tissue.

Currently, conditions such as osteoarthritis are frequently treated with medications and/or steroid injections. Steroids are extremely effective in reducing inflammation in the joint, but unfortunately do not regenerate tissue and can have side effects.. Therefore, over time, the symptoms of osteoarthritis may worsen. Regenerative therapy offers an opportunity to improve the patient’s quality of life and is used to help manage a variety of musculoskeletal conditions.


Premature (“undifferentiated”) cells that are abundant in tissues such as bone marrow and fat can be collected from a patient’s own body using advanced interventional techniques.  The collected cells can then be injected into an area of damage or pain to help start the regenerative process.  These cells are believed to work by multiple mechanisms to stimulate the patient’s own body to foster healing of damaged or degenerated tissue.


Although blood is mainly a liquid (called plasma), it also contains small biological components such as red cells, white cells, and platelets. Platelets play an integral role in the body’s clotting process but they also contain hundreds of proteins called growth factors which are very important in the healing of injuries.  A small amount of blood is collected from a patient which is then centrifuged for less than 15 minutes to concentrate the platelets before they are injected into the damaged or degenerated areas.  PRP can help stimulate collagen production to heal damaged tissues and decrease pain.

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